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Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line


This is a large output production line to produce good quality frozen French fries. It has the advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving. Frozen French fries can be kept longer than potato chips that are the reason why some noshery and restaurant like cafeteria, McDonald and KFC cook French fries to sell. This production line can process high quality frozen French fries that comply with health standards. And also we supply small scale frozen French fries line to meet your need.


Model Capacity Power Consumption
WHS-350 350-400kg/h 154.9Kw.h
WHS-600 600-700kg/h 208.8Kw.h
WHS-1000 1000-1200kg/h 269kw.h

Features of Large Scale Frozen French Fries Line

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Various choices. We supply 350-400kg/h, 600-700kg/h and 1000-1200 kg/h for customers.
Longer service life. Stainless steel to guarantee a longer service life for processing larger quantity of French fries.
High efficiency and energy saving. Excellent quality and Low oil consumption.
Easy operation and multifunctional usage.
Comparative price and high rate of profitable return.

Brief Introduction of French Fries Production Line

This is a fully automatic production line to produce frozen French fries from fresh potatoes.
For the 350-400kg/h production line:
-- The land needed to install the production line is 200 square meters(do not include the freezing part).
-- The length of the entire production line is 47 meters(do not include the freezing part).
-- Water consumption: 0.3 cubic meters per hour.
-- Labor needed: 3-4 (one people work at the beginning of the production line to feed potatoes into the elevator, another two people work at the two choosing machines to choose the unqualified potatoes, and at the packing machine need one people to collect the final packed bags).
-- Electric consumption is 155Kw.h(do not include the freezing part).
-- Oil consumption is 8 liters per hour(any kind of cooking oil is available, such as: sunflower oil, corn oil, bean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, etc.).
All the machines in the production line are made of stainless steel 304
Electricity power requirement is 380V/50Hz/three-phase.
The cutting machine can cut the potato sticks of thickness 2-10mm, it is adjustable.
The packing machine is an automatic one and it can feed, elevate, weigh, and pack the fries at one time.

Storage Guide for Frozen French Fries

At - 18°C until date printed on the packaging.
At - 12°C 1 month.
At - 6 °C 1 week.
Once defrosted do not refreeze!

350-400kg/h Automatic Frozen French Fries Line Parameter

No. Name Power/Voltage Dimension
1 Elevator 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 2535*900*2150mm
2 Washing and Peeling Machine 2.75kw/380V/50Hz 3050*800*1600mm
3 Potato Picking Line 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 3700*1040*940mm
4 Elevator 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 1700*700*1740mm
5 Potato Cutting Machine 1.5kw/380V/50Hz 670*510*1400mm
6 Bubble Cleaning Line 1.87kw/380V/50Hz 3490*1450*1400mm
7 Blanching Line 40.5kw/380V/50Hz 5100*1070*1240mm
8 Rinsing Line 1.87kw/380V/50Hz 3490*1450*1400mm
9 Air-cooled De-watering Machine 6kw/380V/50Hz 4100*850*1840mm
10 Electrical Frying Line 125kw/380V/50Hz 5600*1700*2250mm
11 De-oiling Line 6kw/380V/50Hz 4100*850*1880mm
12 Picking Line 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 3560*700*1255mm
13 Packing Machine 6kw/380V/50Hz /


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