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Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line


Frozen French fries production line can produce both French fries and potato chips. This production line is multifunctional with unique effectiveness and remarkable efficiency. It is designed according to the feedback of customers. And also we have different capacity models for you: 100Kg/h, 200Kg/h and 400Kg/h. The final frozen French fries from this line is half-fried in order to keep a long live, and easy for store, transfer and further processing. The French fries are a kind of very popular snack food sold in the supermarket.

Features of Frozen French Fries Production Line

semi-auto french fries line

Stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.
Low oil consumption, high work efficiency,
Save labor, energy and create more benefits.
Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.

Brief Introduction of Frozen French Fries Line

This French Fries production line specially designed to produce frozen French fries from potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.
The capacity of the French Fries production line has: 100Kg/h, 200Kg/h and 400Kg/h.
The final product from this production line is suitable for the market all over the world, and you can flavor the French fries as you like.
The freezing machine can frozen the French fries to -18 ℃ within 20 minutes.
This French Fries production line is easy to install, just need to put the machines in the specially sequence as the working flowchart shows and connect the power of each machine, and then you can operate the machines to do normal production.
The voltage requirement of the production line is: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase.
To operate this production line needs 3-4 people, it maybe different according to your actual situation and your own arrangement.

frozen french fries

Business suggestions for Frozen French Fries production

Choose a place close to the raw materials—potatoes.
Purchase a series potato chips machines or plants that suits to your production requirements.
Survey the French fries consumer market, expend the French fries distribution chain, and form your own circulation market.
Need for initial high investment.
For long-term running, you’d better to create your brand Name to enlargement popularity.

Technical Data for 100kg/h Frozen French Fries Line

Name  Model   Power Means(m3)   Weight  Dimensions
 Cleaning and Peeling Machine  TP10  0.75Kw/380V 0.26   60Kg 690*430*860mm 
Cutting machine   QS400  0.75Kw/380V 0.23  60Kg   650*510*700mm
 Blanching Machine  PT-1000  15 Kw/380V 0.6  50Kg  1310*650*700mm 
 De-watering machine  TS-500  0.75Kw/380V  0.44 400Kg  940*560*830mm 
 Frying machine DYZ1000   21 Kw/380V 0.82  120Kg  1380*620*950mm 
De-oiling Machine   TY-500 0.75Kw/380V   0.44  400Kg 940*560*830mm 
Freezing Machine  SDJ100  3Kw/380V 6  1200Kg  1500*2000*2000mm
Packaging Machine  DZ-400/2S   1 Kw/380V  0.26 80Kg   540*520*920mm



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