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French Fries Plant Turn-key Solution

We are a leading professional provider of french fries machines in China. Choose our french fries machines, you will work with a team that understands your french fries business

French Fries Plant Turn-key Solution

We are a leading professional provider of french fries machines in China. Choose our french fries machines, you will work with a team that understands your french fries business.


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This fully automatic frozen french fries plant is designed for medium and large-scale frozen french fries production. 6-8 people are enough to operate the complete french fries line from potato washing & peeling, french fries cutting & blanching, to french fries frying freezing & packing. High automatic, continuous production, simple operation.

We believe that every business is unique. With output capacities ranging from 300kg/h to 2000kg/h, our french fries machines are sure to suit the needs of most french fries manufacturers, whether you’re just beginning or are already an established french fries manufacturer. For a capacity of over 2000kg/h, we can also customize it for you.

With our professional team at your side, we guarantee you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll offer suggestions and customization for your french fries plant and be with you every step of project planning, design, layout, and installation, making sure we’re creating exactly the right french fries plant for your unique needs. You’ll benefit from the experience of our team of experts who have been designing and building french fries machines for decades years. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are semi-automatic frozen french fries lines and fully automatic frozen french fries lines available. Semi-automatic ones’ capacity is from 100kg/h to 300kg/h, and it usually needs 8 workers, while the fully automatic french fries line’s capacity is from 300kg/h to 2000kg/h and more, and it usually needs 6-8 workers to operate. The fully automated french fries line requires less labor to achieve a high capacity.

    There are a few factors to consider, including production capacity, the level of automation, and your budget. If you are running a small plant, a semi-automatic french fries line with a production capacity of 100kg/h to 300kg/h may be more suitable for you, it is more affordable and provides more flexibility in terms of labor requirements. On the other hand, if you are running a large plant, you will need a full automatic frozen french fries line with a higher production capacity, the capacity could be 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h 3000kg/h, and more. It has the advantages of high output, continuous working, and easy operation. The fully automated line is expensive in Initial investment but it is more cost-efficient during production to use less labor to achieve a high capacity.

    Yes, we can customize a larger frozen french fries line like 3t/h, 4t/h, or even larger lines for your project. Please complete the inquiry form to tell us your production capacity, your workshop space, and your budget. We will contact you to discuss it and give you a solution.

    Yes, we have the production lines to make fried crips, banana chips, potato chips, cassava chips, fruit chips, etc. We can supply solutions for different products to make them useful for a variety of snacks. Besides, our french fries machines can also produce a variety of shapes and sizes. This will allow you to offer a wider range of products to your customers. We can customize your machines according to your materials and final products requirement.

    The main material of all our french fries machines is stainless steel, which is very durable and clean, and easy to maintain.

    Yes. We can make the french fries frying machine and french fries blanching machine with electric heating, gas heating, or electric & gas heating. You can choose it as per your local requirement.

    As for the automatic frozen french fries line, we usually dispatch 3-4 technical personnel to your site to guide the installation and make training, or, we will send you the installation video. You can also install the line by yourselves by following the instruction.
    As for the semi-automatic french fries line, they are working separately, so you just need to place each machine one by one and connect the power. It is very easy.

    1. All the french fries machines will be tested before shipment to ensure that there is no problem with them.
    2. We will send workers to guide the installation and make commissioning, and we also will make training to your workers during the installation to make sure the production is smoothly working.
    3. If you have any problem during the production, please take a video or pictures to send us. We will guide you to solve the problem.
    4. We can also have video calls to guide you to solve the problem.
    5. If necessary, we will dispatch engineers to your factory to solve the problem.

    1. The warranty time is one year from the date you get the french fries machines, except for the easy-wear parts.
    2. If any parts are found defective in quality in the first year, we shall replace them for free.
    3. We are responsible for the smooth operation of the french fries machines. If you have any problem during production, just feel free to contact us. We assure you of our soonest response. We will contact you to discuss it and give you a solution.

    All equipment requires maintenance, and french fries machines are no exception, while it is very easy and simple to maintain the frozen french fries line.
    1. Check and tighten the screws on the french fries line especially the screw on the electric control box monthly
    2. Check and tighten the V-belt tightening monthly.
    3. Check and add lubricating oil to the bearing and motor every six months.
    4. Clean up residue from the blanching machine and frying machine daily.
    5. Change the water and oil according to your production situation and the requirements of the food inspection department

    Project Designer. Invest Counselor

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    1t/h French Fries Line + 100kg/h Potato Chips Line

    French Fries Plant For Pakistan Customer

    Capacity of 1000kg/h French Fries Production Line

    Frozen French Fries Plant Designed For Brazil Customer

    Output Capacity 2000kg/h Frozen French Fries Line

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    • Please complete the form to tell us about your french fries project and your needs.

    • We send you a primary quotation according to your capacity.

    • Sale representative communicates with you via email, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Phone Calls.

    • We reach an agreement on the french fries solution and quotation.

    • Advance payment received. French fries machines prepare for delivery.

    • We dispatch technical personnel to your site for installation and training.

    Start Your French Fries Line

    • Please complete the form to tell us about your french fries project and your needs.
    • We send you a primary quotation according to your capacity.
    • Sale representative communicates with you via email, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Phone Calls.
    • We reach an agreement on the french fries solution and quotation.
    • Advance payment received. French fries machines prepare for delivery.
    • We dispatch technical personnel to your site for installation and training.

      The potato washing peeling machines are equipped with nylon brush rollers and emery brush rollers that can wash and peel potatoes at a large capacity. 304 food-grade stainless steel, durable nylon brush rollers, easy to operate and maintain, high efficiency. Equipped with durable wheels, easy to move. Best choice for washing and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables. Manual discharging type and automatic discharging type potato peeling machines are available for your choice.

      2,000-3,000 kg/hr
      Suitable for the large frozen french fries plant

      • High work efficiency and strong stability.
      • Continuous potato washing and peeling work.
      • Siemens control motors. Potatoes are fed by a screw system.
      • The Spiral discharge and spraying devices have strong cleaning ability and no damage to potatoes.
      • Brush roller and spiral discharge are controlled individually.

      700-2,000 kg/hr
      Suitable for the small-scale french fries plant

      • Suitable for washing and peeling kinds of root vegetables.
      • It can do dry and wet cleaning, with flexible spray nozzles.
      • SUS304 stainless steel frame. Top quality durable nylon brushes.
      • Easy to operate, potato peeling time and speed are adjustable.
      • A timer and alarm can be added for time setting.

      This french fries cutting machine is mainly used to cutting potatoes into sticks for deep processing. It is easy to operate with high efficiency of 600 kg/h, widely used in fast food restaurants, hotels, potato chip plants, and french fries plants. This cutting machine is also suitable for cutting various kinds of root vegetables, like sweet potato, carrot, cassava, etc. into strips.

      • High-efficiency working capacity of 600 kg/h.
      • The discharging direction could be flat or bent down.
      • Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. Durable and hygienic.
      • Wide cutting range from 7-20mm by adjusting the cutter knives.
      • Compact structure, good performance, small occupation area.
      • Can be used as a stand-alone machine or as an integral part of a french fries line.

      The french fries blanching machine is used for blanching potato sticks to get bright colors and keep the fresh flavor, to increase the softness, remove the microbes, and inhibit the active enzymes. Two types of french fries blanching machines are available for different capacity needs: basket-type french fries blancher and automatic continuous belt type french fries blanching machine. All the blanching machines are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel.

      300-2,000 kg/hr
      Suitable for the large-scale frozen french fries line

      • Heating method: electric heating or gas heating.
      • Continuous highly efficient work. Safe and reliable operation.
      • The width of the mesh belt is customizable. The belt’s working speed is adjustable.
      • The Insulation layer is with a thickness of 70mm, which can effectively reduce heat loss.
      • The Upper cover is equipped with a lifting device and the lower end is equipped with a sewage outlet to facilitate cleaning.
      • The height of the water is 80mm higher than the mesh belt. The water temperature is adjustable.

      100-400 kg/hr
      Suitable for the small-scale french fries production line

      • Batch potato stick blanching working.
      • Capacity: 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 400kg/h
      • Heating methods: Electric heating or gas heating.
      • Blanching Time: 60-90 seconds. Blanching temperature:90-95°C. Automatic temperature control.
      • Wide applications. Suitable for blanching potato sticks, potato chips, cassava chips, and various vegetables, nuts, and meat.
      • The additives can be added during the blanching process.
      • Equipped with universal wheels for easy movement.

      French Fries Dehydrating Machines are used for removing the surface water or oil from potato sticks to get ready for the next frying process. 4 types of french fries dehydrating machines are available. No matter for large-scale french fries lines or small-scale french fries lines, there is a suitable dehydrating machine to improve your french fries production efficiently. All the machines are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel.

      • Continuous airflow french fries dehydrating work.
      • It is the necessary equipment for the automatic frozen french fries production line.
      • Usually equipped behind the vibration dewatering/deoiling machine for further dehydration and cooling that will ensure the crispness of french fries.
      • Adopt turnover-type mesh belts and multiple high-pressure fans. High-efficient dewatering.
      • Equipped with Siemens motors. The conveyor speed is adjustable.
      • Equipped with elevators, and continuous french fries dewatering/deoiling work.
      • Equipped with a shake-proof device. Stable working performance.
      • Adopts the centrifugal principle. The dewatered french fries will be discharged from the bottom.
      • Realize automatic operation from feeding, discharging, and conveying the dehydrated product to the next processing.
      • Automatic digital control, electromagnetic brake, easy to operate, high efficiency.
      • Suitable for the medium or large frozen french fries line.
      • It is the necessary equipment for the automatic french fries production line.
      • Also called a linear vibration sieve machine. It removes the extra water or oil from french fries through high-frequency vibration.
      • Wide applications. Suitable for the dewatering and sieving work for various vegetables and fruit.
      • Easy installation and convenient operation. High efficiency.
      • A water discharging plate is at the bottom
      • Suitable for the small-scale french fries production line.
      • Rotating speed: 500r/min. Capacity 300kg/h – 700kg/h
      • The spinning time can be set up as per your need, also with delay buffering to protect the machine from damage.
      • The machine has buckles at the four corners of the bottom, which can fix the machine on the ground.
      • Can also be used to dewater various vegetables and fruit.

      French fries frying machines are specialized equipment designed for high-volume, industrial-scale frying of french fries. These machines use advanced frying technology to achieve consistent and high-quality results. We offer various customizable automatic continuous belt-type french fries frying machines and batch-type french fries frying machines for your different capacity needs.

      500-1,500 kg/hr
      Suitable for the large-scale frozen french fries line

      • Heating method: electric heating, gas heating, or electric + gas heating.
      • High-capacity frying: Fry large quantities of french fries in a short time.
      • Oil management system: Equipped with an oil filtration circulating system that removes impurities and extends the lifespan of the oil.
      • Automatic frying system: Maintains the desired frying temperature and time, ensuring consistent and high-quality frying results.
      • Safety features: Built-in fire suppression systems and automatic shut-off switches, that ensure safe operation and prevent accidents.
      • Double layers mesh belt: The french fries are sandwiched between two belts, which makes the frying more uniform.
      • Customizable options: heating source, and the width of the mesh belt.

      50kg/h to 200kg/h
      Suitable for the small-scale french fries line

      • Heating methods: Electric heating and gas heating.
      • Discharge type: Automatic discharge and manual discharge.
      • Basket shape: Rectangle and round pot (with automatic stirring function)
      • Automatic temperature control. The temperature can be set up to 300°C.
      • Equipped with Oil-water separation filter system to collect the residue
      • Wide applications. Suitable for frying various snacks, such as french fries, potato chips, nuts, chicken, etc
      • Equipped with universal wheels for easy movement.


      Special-designed french fries freezer for industrial-scale freezing of French fries. We offer IQF french fries instant freezer and batch-type french fries blast freezer for your choice. These freezers use advanced technology to freeze french fries quickly and efficiently in large quantities. Adopt 304 food-grade stainless steel. Designed to be hygienic and prevent the growth of bacteria, with features such as air filters and anti-microbial coatings.

      200 kg/h – 500kg/h
      Suitable for the large frozen french fries line

      • Continuous freezing process: The french fries are conveyed through a series of freezing chambers on a conveyor belt. Achieve high-capacity french fries freezing.
      • Precise temperature control: Able to freeze the french fries at temperatures as low as -40°C. Discharged french fries at -18°C.
      • Well Integrated with other french fries machines: Allows for a seamless flow during french fries production.
      • Automated controls and adjustable settings for temperature, airflow, and conveyor speed.
      • Combined heat preservation library body. Efficient aluminum evaporator

      160 kg/batch – 800 kg/batch
      Suitable for the medium and small frozen french fries line

      • Freezing temperature: -30°C — -35°C
      • Output french fries temperature: -18°C
      • Freezing time: 30-50 minutes per batch
      • Low initial investment. Affordable price.
      • Customized design according to your needs.
      • Wide application: Best choice for freezing various food products.
      • No need for installation. Easy operation. Load and discharge french fries with trolleys.


      French fries packing machines are equipment used to package french fries for distribution and sale. They are designed to work with a variety of bag sizes and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your french fries production line, and can be designed to include features such as labeling or barcoding.

      70 bags/min
      Suitable for the large french fries line

      • Automatically complete the process of french fries feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, gas charging/exhausting, sealing, date printing, cutting off, and discharging.
      • High measuring accuracy, high efficiency, and beautiful package appearance.
      • Adopt a high-precision servo film drawing system, PLC control system, touch screen interface, photocell eye tracking, and digital temperature controller.
      • The bag can be a pillow or a vertical type. The bag materials can be heatable packing films, such as OPP, CPP, OPP/PE, PET/PE, etc.
      • Wide application. strong adaptability to packing french fries, potato chips, banana chips, and other food.

      10 – 50 bags/min
      Suitable for the medium and small french fries line

      • Tabletop packing sealer machine and chain bucket packing machine for your choice.
      • Both of the two french fries packing machines can fill vacuum gas into the bags if needed.
      • Compact structure, elegant appearance, affordable price, easy to maintain.
      • Bag materials can be nylon bags, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE, PS, etc.
      • Wide application. Good choice for packing various foods.
      • Serval models are available to meet different capacities. Please contact us for more information.

      Recruiting Agents and Partners Worldwide!

      We are scaling up our business globally and this is a great opportunity for potential partners to join us to provide the best solution for your local french fries enterprise. You’d better consider being our partner if:

      • You are distributors and resellers of food processing equipment.
      • You are in the potato-related industry, food packing, or refrigeration industry.
      • You are in the fast food industry or food service industry.
      • You have friends or customers who want to enter the french fries business.
      • You are interested in the french fries machines and want to be our sale representative in your local.

      We provide our business partners with a competitive advantage as well as opportunities for the best french fries plant solutions that include french fries machines, french fries production training, and support throughout our global footprint. We will offer you improved efficiency, quality, and profitability.