French fries are so popular among the American people that there are many amazing types of French fries in America. Let’s look at some unique and innovative ones.

Urban Fries

Urban fries can be enjoyed at Jack’s Urban Eats in Sacramento. The fries are topped with blue cheese dressing, hot chili oil, crushed red pepper flakes, and lots of chopped parsley. This unique combination may seem strange, but it tastes amazing. Homemade blue cheese may make it taste better. Some people may like to kick from the hot chili oil and red pepper flakes to make it spicy enough. Also, some people may prefer the parsley part because it can add freshness to french fries.

Pastrami Cheese Fries

amazing french fries

You can find pastrami cheese fries in Kenny & Zuke’s, Portland, Ore. This deli was opened by Ken Gordon and Nick Zukin in 2007. One late weekend night, Zukin wanted to use the fatty, meaty, super intensely flavored pastrami scraps and came up with this genius idea. Pastrami cheese fries feature the deli’s signature pastrami and melted swiss cheese. The fries were golden and crispy enough to stand up to the sauce. The smoky and greasy pastrami was chopped small and evenly distributed. You can also add pickled serrano peppers to have a different flavor.

Goat Cheese Fries

Goat cheese fries are available from Fresh Fries Truck in Los Angeles, California. French fries truck offers tasty french fries and many other vegetarian dishes. The goat cheese fries are regular freshly fried potatoes topped with goat cheese and homemade raspberry sauce, which can add cool, sweet, and tangy flavors to them.

Rajas Fries

People can enjoy rajas fries in Frysmith, Los Angeles. Rajas fries can be eaten as a meal. It is French fries topped with fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions, shawarma-marinated steak, and melted Jack cheese. This strange combination makes the fries taste wonderful.
These amazing and tasty french fries are very popular in America. If you want to start a french fries business and make your own amazing french fries flavors, you can try our french fries production line.