With the improvement of living standards, people have realized extra calorie and fat is bad for health. To adapt to the trend, the food industry has been striding in the healthy direction of low calorie and high nutrition. The French fries sector is no exception. Studies show 60% of fries’ calories are from oil. Hence, the process affecting the oil content in French fries matters particularly. As the step after frying, the importance of French fries de-oiling machine in a fries production line can be imagined.

Working Principle of French Fries De-oiling Machine

Centrifugal principle of deoiling mac hine

In the French fries production line, the de-oiling machine is used after the frying process to remove the excess oil on the surface of the fries. It has been shown that the crust contains 6 times as much oil as the inner part in French fries, so the removal of the surface oil is much more important. Our de-oiling machine adopts an advanced centrifugal principle to guarantee maximum de-oiling. Besides, the shock absorber equipped can reduce vibration during the process of de-oiling, which will ensure a stable performance and extend working life. And the installment of automatic electromagnetic brake and digital input control play an important role in saving energy and labor.

Effect of French Fries Oil Removing Machine

deoiled fried french fries

Being delicious can keep consumers buying, but looking delicious is a vital factor that attracts people to buy in the first place. French fries processed after the de-oiling machine look bright and crisp. On the other hand, extra oil is separated out with centrifugal force, which avoids greasy or oily chips and makes the seasoning process more thorough. Most important of all, the extra oil can be collected in the bucket. In this way, oil is recycled rather than wasted, which will save you a lot in a world where the oil is rather expensive. With a de-oiling machine, you can not only make yummy French fries but also gain high profits with low input.
Either eaten as an accompaniment with lunch or dinner or eaten as a snack, French fries are hot-selling products in the market. Welcome to our site to choose your satisfying machine. It is worth mentioning that our French fries deoiling machine can also be used to de-oil banana chips, potato chips, and other fried food. Customized products are also available.