Just as french fries play an important role in American cuisine early from the 1930s, Los Angeles has many good places for you to enjoy delectable french fries. Now let’s see some famous ones among them.

Father’s Office

Fries in Father’s Office is super thin. You can grab a handful of Father’s Office’s fries to dip into aioli when eating, or you can take your time and enjoy it leisurely. They are small but it still takes an unwieldy handful to constitute a satisfying bite.

Hungry Cat

Fries in Hungry Cat is made of Russets or Kennebec potatoes depending on the season. The potatoes are cut to quarter-inch and soaked in water for a whole day, after twice-fried, the fries are finished by tossing with salt and parsley. People can enjoy them by

famous fries in los angeles

dipping them in aioli and ketchup. As far as fries the Hungry Cat believes more is more. When ordered, you will find a full round plate holding a heap of fries.

Manhattan Beach Post

Fe Fi FoFum Fries at Manhattan Beach Post are steak fries with enormous sizes, like railroad stakes. The long potato spears are fried four times at different precise temperatures and cooking times within 32 minutes. It’s difficult to do it at home by yourself, so, just enjoy them at M.B.Post, with their mayo-based aromatic and herb-forward dipping sauce.

Beer Belly

Beer Belly is situated in Koreatown. At weekend, you will find the building crowd of people. You can enjoy the delectable fries coated generously with black pepper and deeply savory spicy ketchup on the side. Or enjoy the duck fries served with duck skin cracklins, smoked salt, and sweet onion sugar. Have a drink of craft beer with the fries, you will want to dine in this place again and again.


Speaking of french fries in Wurstküche, people would immediately think of sauces in there. It is the dipping sauces that make Wurstküche’s fries different from others. These sauces include Blue Cheese Walnut and Bacon, Chipotle Aioli, Sweet and Sassy BBQ, and so on. There are so many delicious dipping sauce options in Wurstküche that it may be difficult to decide which to choose.
Of course, apart from the above-mentioned famous french fries, there are some other french fries that taste yummy in Los Angeles. With french fries production line, you can also make delicious french fries.