When people go to fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC, they will find the fries there are frozen french fries. Then people may wonder why not use fresh-cut fries and the differences between these two kinds of fries.

Taste and Quality

People usually hold the opinion that fresh means better taste and higher quality, while due to the difference in potato, oil, temperature, and moisture, the texture and taste of fresh-cut fries may vary greatly, posing the problems of inconsistency. By using frozen french fries, you no longer need to worry about this problem.

french fries

Labor Saving

Making fresh-cut fries is a labor-intensive task, and requires high labor and preparation cost. The potatoes have to be washed, peeled, and cut until you get the french fries. While for frozen fries, all these troublesome preparation works can be saved except a single finish fry.

Saving Kitchen Space

As you no longer need to do so much preparation work, the valuable kitchen space can be saved as there is no need for the processing equipment and relevant storage space.


With frozen french fries, fast food restaurants can just give it a finished fry, and then it can be served to customers, thus saving much time in regard to preparation.

French Fries

Frozen french fries

frozen fries

French Fries Production Line

The process of our small-scale frozen french fries production line includes washing and peeling, cutting, blanching, dewatering, frying, de-oiling, flavoring, freezing, and packaging. We have three capacity models: 100Kg/h, 200Kg/h, and 300Kg/h. We also can customize other capacity models if you need them.
Now we can conclude why fast food restaurants adopt frozen french fries instead of fresh fries. Anyone interested in frozen fries business can contact us for our machines have competitive prices and high quality.