Ways to Eat French Fries

There is no one way to eat French fries and there is also no one way to refer to it either. But you will eat French fries to go with a burger usually, or a hot dog. The fries are usually elongated, deep-fried, and eaten with a fork or by hand. In other parts of the world, however, they are referred to as chips, or hot chips, and might vary in size and shape. They are also eaten differently.

  Enjoy Eating Fries Any Time of the Day As a Snack or an Accompaniment to Another Food.

They go great with hamburgers, and hot dogs, but equally well with mussels, or grilled steak. Instead of serving hash browns with your eggs, enjoy fries instead, with a condiment of your choice.
There are many different cutting styles of fries. While they are all cut from a potato, they look and taste different, depending on whether they were coated with breading prior to being deep-fried. Some look like wedges and are referred to as steak fries, and there are also curly fries.

❤  Use Varying Flavors Depending on Which Country or State You Live.

While many merely pour ketchup over or on the side of fries, many enjoy dipping their fry into Thousand Island Dressing, or mayonnaise. Many savor them with cheese and ketchup, while still others dip each piece into sour cream, or are covered with gravy. Some, particularly in the United Kingdom and on the south shore of Rhode Island, enjoy fries (also known as chips) with malted vinegar and salt. A very popular French Canadian way to enjoy French fries is to cover them with cheese curds and then pour hot gravy over them – this is called Poutine! A popular way of eating them in Newfoundland Canada is with turkey stuffing and gravy. People from Utah enjoy what they call ‘Fry Sauce,’ which is usually a simple mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise but will often include other flavors such as mustard, garlic, and chili powder.

  Enjoy Them As a Meal Itself or Just a Little Snack.

Find them at most fairs, served in paper cone-shaped containers, or rectangular paper boxes. Serve them at a barbecue or at a sit-down buffet, outdoors or indoors, morning, or night. They are a staple of most countries, and no matter how they are eaten, they are just plain delicious.
From the introduction above mentioned, we can learn how to eat French fries in our daily life, also we can get the knowledge about different countries fro different recipes of French fries.