Instructions for Keeping Peeled Potatoes from Going Black

Potato contains a lot of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, and minerals, which are a heavy and staple food item used in many recipes, but which can be used as kinds of vegetables and be processed into potato chips or French fries. But when you expose the peeled potatoes to the air, they always turn black. There are the following instructions and tips to help you with keeping from turning black.

peeled potatoes♥ Store Potatoes in a Cool and Dark Location.

When you peeled potatoes, you should store them in a cool and dark place at a suitable temperature. Remind that you should not place the peeled potatoes into the refrigerator which this environment is too cold and moist for storing peeled potatoes. If you really store them in the refrigerator, that will make your potatoes turn black to not cook with a bright color.

♥ Soak Peeled Potatoes into White Vinegar.

Prepare some white vinegar to be used for soaking potatoes. Fill the cooking containers with half of the water so as to overflow when pouring the potatoes into them. At the same time, you should add some tablespoons of prepared white vinegar into the water. Then swirl the water gently to mix the white vinegar completely with the water.

♥ Boil Potatoes Soaked and Remove From the Container to Drain the Surface Water.

Boil the potatoes in the vinegar water until they cook through. Remove the potatoes from the hob and drain out the water. Then you can use them for various palatable foods.

♥ Mix a Little of Crushed Vitamin C in Water When You Make Grating Potatoes for Recipes.

When grating potatoes for recipes like potato pancakes, potato pie, potato kugelis, among others, mix in a little ascorbic acid, which is nothing more than vitamin C powder. A pinch of crushed vitamin C tablet in a little water will work just as well

Tips to Pay Attention When Following Above Mentioned Instructions

The suitable cool water should be from 7 degrees to 10 degrees.
The quantity of vinegar is suitable for 2 tablespoons with half of the cooking pot.
Above mentioned instructions need to operate in proper order.

From the above instructions, we can know the method of keeping potatoes from turning back, so we can apply these methods into homemaking recipes to help us make delicious and bright color potatoes food, such as potato chips and French fries and potato pancakes, etc.