french fries day

July 13th is National French Fry Day, also called National French Fries Day. As the name implies, this holiday celebrates the popular snack “french fries”. So if you love the salty fried french fries, then you have the reason to celebrate it and indulge yourself in a batch of french fries.

What Are French Fries?

French fries are long, thin pieces of potato deep-fried in oil or fat. Because french fry is a worldwide favorite, it has many other names. In North America, it is called French fries, which are not capitalized sometimes. While in Britain it is referred to as chips. In many parts of Europe, french fries are known as frites or pommes frites. It is named as patatas fritas in Spain.

History of National French Fries Day

Just like many other holidays, the history of National French Fries Day is not easy to pinpoint. Maybe this holiday is proposed by food manufacturers or individuals that have relation to the food industry.
As to french fries, it does have a long history. Even though it is called french fries, in fact, they did not originate in France. It is believed to be created during the 1600s in Belgium, which is France’s northern neighbor.
The inhabitants of Belgium usually cook small fried fish for their meals. But when the weather made fishing impossible, they start slicing potatoes into long strips and then frying them in oil. Then during World War I, American soldiers were marching across the smaller country and encountered fried potatoes. Because both nations speak French, the name was mixed up during that time. It also has a relationship with Thomas Jefferson, when he was on a trip to Paris, he ordered “potatoes, served in the French manner”, and brought the recipe home.

Taste of French Fries

Originally, the taste of french fries is very single. But now with the advanced french fries flavoring machine, it can reach diversification. People can also dip it in sauces and condiments. For example, french fries are often topped with gravy and cheese curds in Canada.

how to eat french fry

How to Eat French Fries?

As to how to eat french fries, it totally depends on you. There are many ways to enjoy it. It can be merely enjoyed as a snack, or it can be an accompaniment to other food, like hamburgers or sandwiches. No matter what the way you choose to eat it, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you can indulge yourself in french fries without guilt on National French Fries Day.

How to Celebrate French Fry Day?

When you enter restaurants, you may find French fry specials on the menu along with reduced prices (or free fries if you are lucky). You can also celebrate it by holding a party at home, buying various kinds of french fries and sharing with your friends and families. Maybe you can make french fries by yourself with french fries processing machines.