Nutritional Value of French Fries

French fries refer to any elongated strips of fried potatoes as fries, which are served hot and generally eaten as an accompaniment with lunch or dinner or eaten as a snack, and they are the common fixture of fast food. It is claimed that The french fries originate from French or Belgium, till now the true origin remains a mystery. However, it is no doubt that the french fries are enjoyed most spreading popularity in the world, including frozen French fries and potato chips, the reason for this popularity is mainly that the french fries contain a much nutritions value to healthy for our body.

french fries

Dietary Fiber

The French fries are made of potatoes which contain a great of fiber. Dietary fiber consists of nondigestible carbohydrates and lignin that are intrinsic and intact in plants, which has the functions of helping to pass waste through our system as well as lowering cholesterol. Our body needs to consume a certain of fiber to digest. If our body has a fiber deficiency, we may suffer from poor digestion and other stomach and bowel problems, which will cause the food to sit in our stomach without being digested properly, so the nutrition of food is allowed to waste, eventually, the food will release toxins into our system which will risk our body.

Vitamin B6

Potatoes contain 161 Calories per 0.54 mg in one medium cup, the rate is 33.53 mg\cal. Vitamin B6 has the function of activating the metabolism of carbohydrates through enzymes pulling carbohydrates out of storage in the cell, requiring Vitamin B6 for this activity; at the same time, Vitamin B6 has the feature of brain health and liver detoxification.

fried french fry

These essential vitamins that your body needs can be found in French fries. It helps to battle against several little illnesses and even much larger ailments, and resist tired and irritating. If pregnant women eat suitable French fries, it helps get shiny, glossy, and healthy-looking skin.


Potassium is found in potatoes, so when you are eating French fries you are consuming a certain amount of this nutrient. Potassium is essential for providing your body with the energy it needs to get through the day. If you do not get enough potassium in your diet then you may notice becoming more tired, your reflexes get slower and your muscles may get weak and experience cramping. In addition to this, a deficiency in potassium also creates feelings of depression and anxiety. Consuming potassium through French fries will help your body keep going through the day by producing a consistent amount of energy.

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