french fries

French fries contain primarily carbohydrates from the potatoes in the terms of starch, and fat absorbed during the frying process. One serving of French fries also contains 6g protein, plus 350mg sodium. The French fries tend to be served with a variety of accompaniments and become more and more popular as a snack food in the world; however, few people can make it clear why the popular fried potatoes are called French fries.

What Are French Fries?

French fries are made of potatoes, cut into strips, and cooked in oil in a deep fryer, which can be eaten with different ingredients, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, Ranch dressing, vinegar, salt or pepper, cheese, chili, and onions by hand or with a fork.
French fries are popular in the world and accompanied as a dish, especially for dinner or lunch. The reasons why are the deep fry taste and the satisfying crunching when eating. Another reason may be that French fries can be accompanied by some food, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, and so on.
One explanation of the origin of the name” French fries” is that it refers to the way people cut the potatoes to make the French fries. A lengthwise cut into strips is called “French Cut”, a fry of a thicker slice is called “Steak Fry”, and however, fry of the thinner strips is called “French Fry”. Therefore, the French fry refers to the French cut fries and thinner fry.

President Jefferson and French FriesPresident Jefferson and French Fries

There is a relationship between US President Jefferson and named “French fries”. Jefferson reportedly introduced fries at a state dinner in 1802 in the United States. But the French fries didn’t become popular until World War І. Also, the French fries are easy to eat in a car at a time in the 1930S and 1940’S when the drive-in restaurant was becoming popular.

A French Connection to Fries

The French also claim to have invented French fries and named them. In addition, French fries are considered a must-have food for dinner. Popular opinion in France is that French Fries originated in Pairs in the 19th century.
The true origin of French fries remains a mystery. The cut of the potato and the cooking method may account for the name, but the term may also originate from the 1802 state dinner of Thomas Jefferson or originate from France itself.