Introduction of Fully Automatic Banana Chips Making Machine Line

This automatic banana chips plant is suitable for large-scale banana chips and plantain chips production. The banana chips line consists of a banana slicing machine, hoister, banana chips frying machine, chips deoiling machine, banana chips flavoring machine, picking line, and automatic packaging machine. High efficiency, continuous production. Different capacities can be customized as per your requirement.

industrial plantain chips making line

Features of Automatic Banana Chips Machine

  • Fully automatic operation, high efficiency, saving labor, saving energy, easy maintenance.
  • The whole set of banana chips equipment adopts high-quality stainless steel, hygiene, and anti-corrosion.
  • The fried banana chips made by banana chips machines have good color and taste.
  • This banana chips plant also suitable for producing apple chips, pineapple chips, kiwi chips, etc.

The Configuration of Automatic Plantain/ Banana Chips Line

1. Banana Peeling Machine(Optional)

automatic banana peeling machine

A banana peeling machine can save your time by peeling bananas mechanically. The machine can peel bananas of any size and bend perfectly. The peeled banana will keep intact.

2. Banana Slicing Machine

automatic banana slicing machine

A banana slicing machine can cut the banana into round or diagonal slices with uniform and adjustable thickness. You can decide the number, diameter, and inclination angle of the feed inlet.

3. Banana Chips Frying Machine

banana chips frying line

The dewatered banana slices are fried in the banana chips frying line. Equipped with an automatic oil filtering system to remove the residues in the oil, the oil won’t turn dark and the fried chips have bright color and good taste.

4. Vibration Deoiling Machine
Vibrationg deoiling machine for plantain chips manufacturing

1) Remove the extra oil by high-frequency vibration after frying
2) Bottom is with oil discharging plate
3) Materials: stainless steel 304, frame 4mm, square tubes 100*50*3mm, sieve plate 3mm, holes 5mm, motor base 6mm.

5. Air-blowing Banana Chips Deoiling Line

air blowing deoling machine with falt conveying belt

The banana chips deoiling line adopts multiple fans to rapidly remove the excess oil on the surface of the fried banana chips, which improves their taste.

1) This banana chips deoiling machine is to remove the oil by air blowing fans. The stainless steel mesh belt is flat, won’t break or blow away the chips. The height of air fans can be adjusted.
2) With an oil receiving plate in the bottom.
3) Materials: stainless steel 304, thickness 3mm, mesh belt: 800mm, holes 3mm.

6. Banana Chips Flavoring Machine

seasoning machine with elevator feeding machine for flavoring plantain chips

This automatic banana chips line adopts a drum flavoring machine to add seasonings to the fried banana chips, meeting the flavor of different consumers.

7. Banana Chips Packaging Machine

banana chips packaging machine

Banana chips packaging machine can complete the process of banana chips feeding, banana chips measuring, bag making, banana chips filling, gas charging, sealing, and date printing full automatically.

Equipment List of 150 kg/h Automatic Plantain Chips Plant

No. Machine Power Dimension
1 Slicing machine (2 sets) 1.50 kw 700*700*900mm
2 Elevator feeding machine 2.25Kw 2000*1000*1600mm
3 Frying Machine (external gas
5.94Kw 6000*1200*2200mm
4 Oil Storage Tank 1.50Kw 1200*1200*1800mm
5 Oil Adding Tank 6.00Kw 1380*600*1580mm
6 Vacuum Oil Filter 1.50Kw 600*600*1000mm
7 Vibration De-oiling Machine 0.36Kw 1800*1000*1300mm
8 Air Blowing Deoiling Machine 6.00Kw 4000*1200*1400mm
9 Elevator Feeding Machine 0.75Kw 2000*800*2200mm
10 Seasoning Machine 1.50Kw 2000*900*1500mm
11 Elevator Feeding Machine 0.55Kw 1500*800*950mm
12 Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine
(420 with 10 heads weigher)
6.50Kw 4200*2500*3900mm
13 Nitrogen Making Machine 0.55Kw 1100*750*1270mm
nitrogen tank: 300L
14 Air Compressor System 7.50Kw 900*650*760mm
air tank: 600L
TOTAL 42.40Kw