Introduction of Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Automatic potato chips production line is designed for large-scale potato chips production. The potato chips output capacity are 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 400kg/h and 500kg/h for your reference. It has the advantage of fully automatic & continuous production, high efficiency, labor and energy saving. You could also make Frozen French Fries (by equipping a freezer).

large potato chips processing plant

Details of Automatic Potato Crisps Production Line

♡ This is a fully automatic potato chips production line that is for producing potato chips from fresh potatoes.
♡ All the potato chips machines in the line are made of stainless steel 304.
♡ The electricity power supply can be customized according to the customer’s standards.
♡ The blanching temperature and frying temperature are adjustable according to your potato chips’ condition.
♡ This potato chips line can also be used to produce sweet potatoes chips, banana chips, taro chips, yam chips, etc
♡ The potato slices cutting machine can cut the potato sticks of thickness 2-10mm, it is adjustable.
♡ The potato chips packing machine is an automatic one, and the machine can feed, elevate, weigh and pack the chips at one time.

commercially made potato chips

Features of the Large Scale Potato Chips Plant

♡ Full automatic. Continuous processing.
♡ Low oil consumption.
♡ High efficiency and energy saving.
♡ Easy operation and multifunctional usage.
♡ Excellent quality. Long service life.
♡ Comparative price and high rate of a profitable return.

100kg/h Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line Technical Data

equipment for processing potato chips crisps industrially
  • Input Capacity: 400-500kg/h
    Output Capacity: 100kg/h
  • Workshop size: >300m2, height >4.5m
  • Voltage: The electricity power supply can be customized according to the customer’s standard.
  • Heating type: gas heating
  • Total Power: 61.97Kw
  • Gas consumption: 30cbm/h
  • Water consumption: approx. 500 kg/h
  • Oil consumption: 15-20 kg/h
  • Operator: 6-8 people
  • Machine materials: SUS304 except for electric motors, PVC conveyor
  • Electric appliance: Schneider
  • Frequency converter: Mitsubishi
  • Driving motors: speed adjustable motors
No. Machine Power Dimension
1 Elevator feeding machine 0.75kw 2600*1000*1600mm
2 Potato peeling machine 3.37 kw 2800*1000*1400mm
3 Selecting conveyor 1.50 kw 3000*800*950mm
4 Elevator feeding machine 0.75kw 2000*1000*1800mm
5 Potato slicing machine 1.50 kw 800*810*750mm
6 Rinsing machine 4.50 kw 4000*1200*1300mm
7 Blanching machine (Gas heating) 3.70 kw 4000*1200*2200mm
8 Vibration dewatering machine 0.36 kw 1800*1000*1100mm
9 Air blowing de-watering machine 6.00 kw 4000*1200*1400mm
10 Elevator feeding machine 0.75 kw 2000*1000*1300mm
11 Frying machine (external gas heating) 5.94 kw 6000*1200*2200mm
12 Oil storage tank 1.50 ks 1200*1200*1800mm
13 Oil adding tank 6.00kw 1380*600*1580mm
14 Oil filter 1.50 kw 700*700*1000mm
15 Air blowing de-oiling machine 6.00 kw 4000*1200*1400mm
16 Elevator feeding machine 0.75 kw 2000*800*2200mm
17 Seasoning machine 1.50 kw 1500*900*1500mm
18 Elevator feeding machine 0.55 kw 1500*800*1000mm
19 Automatic weighing and packing machine (420 with 10 head weigher) 6.00 kw 4500*3000*3750mm
20 Nitrogen making machine 0.55 kw 900*650*760mm
21 Air compressor system 7.50 kw 1100*750*1270mm

Branding Advice for Potato Chip Entrepreneurs

☞ Branding is a good idea for any business starters. It will differentiate your product from store shelves. Without a robust brand strategy, your potato chip products will languish in obscurity, despite the fact that you’ve heavily invested in the creation of a unique flavor profile.
☞ Starting with your company name, your brand is a visual image of everything that is important about your chip business. It encompasses company values, flavor characteristics, customer traits and much more. Unless you have experience in startup branding, we strongly recommend speaking with a professional marketing firm to create a brand that makes an impact with consumers.