Introduction of Automatic French Fries Packaging Machine

The automatic French fries packaging machine can automatically complete the process of feeding, measuring, bag making, and packing of french fries, potato chips, banana chips, etc. High packaging speed, beautiful package appearance.
The automatic potato chips packing machine adopts a high precision servo film drawing system, PLC control system, touch-based man-machine interface, photocell eye tracking, and digital temperature controller, making the operation of the whole machine more convenient and complete.
The bag types of the potato chip packaging equipment can be back sealed, gusseted, continuous, punched, 3 sides sealed, 4 sides sealed, etc. The packing materials are heatable packing films, such as OPP, CPP, OPP/PE, PET/PE, etc.

vertical french fries packing machine full automatically

Technical Data of Automatic French Fries Packaging Machine

Model BZ-420
Power 6.5Kw
Whole Size 4200*2500*3000mm
Max. Film Width 420mm
Speed 5-60 bags/Min
Bag Length 60-300mm
Bag Width 60-200mm
Machine Material Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Features of Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine

French fries packaging machine features

1. French fries packaging machine can automatically complete the process of feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, gas charging/exhausting, sealing, date printing, cutting off and finished product outputting.
2. Saving labor, low loss, easy operation, and maintenance.
3. High measuring accuracy, high efficiency, the materials won’t be crushed.
4. Wide application, strong adaptability to raw materials. Also suitable for potato chips, banana chips, etc.

Main Parts of French Fries Packaging Machine

structure of vertical food packing equipment

French fries packaging machine is composed of vertical packing machine, multi-head weigher, support platform, Z-type elevator, vibration feeder, and finished product conveyor.

I. Vibration Feeder in the Banana Chips Packaging Machine

The vibration feeder sends the french fries to the Z-type elevator in vibration. Equipped with step-less speed regulator to adjust the conveying capacity.

Z-type elevatorII. Z-type Elevator

The Z-type elevator lifts the french fries to the multi-head weigher in the plantain chips packaging machine. The control circuit is used to control the material level, realizing automatic feeding and stopping. The hopper is lifted through a chain drive, large lifting capacity, high lifting height, stable operation. The material of the multi-head weigher can be stainless steel or carbon steel.

III. Support Platform

support platformThe platform in the banana chips packaging machine is mainly used for supporting the multi-head weigher. It can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. High loading capacity, high wear resistance.
The support platform is practical and safe:
* Firm and not easy to shake;
* The surface is made of the non-slip aluminum checkered plate;
* with guardrail all around.

IV. Multihead Weigher

multihead weigher in the automatic potato chips packing machine

1. High precision and high speed perfectly combined, the optimal weight combination is selected instantly through computer calculations.
2. The high-precision digital weighing sensor makes accurate measuring realized in a flash.
3. The multi-head weigher in the potato chip packaging equipment adopts a multilingual LCD operating system.
4. Automatic amplitude modulation, the materials are fed more uniformly.
5. IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, applicable for the damp and dusty work environment. Made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic. The fully sealed design makes the balance easy to clean.
6. The opening and closing speed of the material hopper cover can be fine-tuned to prevent crushing and blocking.
7. Strong automatic data statistics function, recording the total number of packages, percent of the pass as well as the error of each bag.
8. Optional device: checkered bucket, aggregate bin, printing device, and out-of-tolerance sorting device.

V. Vertical Packing Machine in the Potato Chip Packaging Equipment

vertical packing machine in the french fries packaging equipment1. Adopt international famous-brand PLC full computer control system, reliable performance; horizontal and vertical sealing adopt pneumatic control, ensuring steady, reliable movements; adopt touchscreen control, more convenient for parameter adjustment.
2. The banana chips packaging machine has a perfect fault alarm function, to minimize loss.
3. The concise drive system, reliable operation, high coordination, convenient maintenance.
4. Automatic potato chip packing machine adopts an external film releasing mechanism, making film installation simpler.
5. Adopt servo motor for film drawing, featuring accurate positioning and stable film conveying. With automatic correction function, preventing the film from deviation.
6. Plantain chips packaging machine adopts multi-axis linkage to coordinate the film drawing, making the film running more smoothly.
7. Customized metal bag former, the film passes smoothly, effectively preventing the bag from deformation.
8. French fries packaging machine adopts coder to print the production date, lot number, etc, having high printing speed, wide printing area, and flexible arrangement.
9. Adopt high sensitive photocell eye color code tracing, making the cutting position more accurate.
10. Horizontal sealing and vertical sealing adopt independent PID temperature control, more accurate, suitable for various packing materials.
11. Horizontal sealing adopts a thermostatic sealing cutter, with the optional gusset-insert device, making the bag shape more beautiful.
12. Vertical sealing is suitable for multiple bag types, more stable forming, ensuring the tightness.

finished product conveyorVI. Finished Product Conveyor

The finished product conveyor can transport the packed finished bag to the next machine, making the plantain chips packaging machine work more smoothly. Adopt miniature motor, low noise, long service life.