Introduction of Emery Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Emery potato washing peeling machine adopts the emery rubbing principle and it is made of stainless steel.
The machine has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, high peeling rate and peeling clean, time & labor & energy-saving.
It is widely used to clean and peel the potato, carrot, sweet potato, kiwi fruit, and other root tuber type vegetables, which is the perfect peeling machine for industrial and family french fries production.

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Features of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

1. Adopt emery buffing principle, peeling and cleaning the potatoes thoroughly.
2. Equipped with the fine-tuning system, easy to use, save time and effort, and also reduce labor consumption.
3. Made of stainless steel, long-life service, clean and sanitation, easy to operate and maintain.
4. High peeling rate up to 98% or more. Save energy and time, a high degree of automation.
5. Low energy consumption, small volume, in lightweight, beautiful shape.

excellet peeled result show for peeling potato, sweet potato, taro

Technical Data of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
TP10 600*430*800mm 70kg 0.55kw 300kg/h
TP15 700*530*900mm 85kg 0.75kw 500kg/h
TP30 700*650*850mm 100kg 1.1kw 800kg/h