Introduction of French Fries Blanching Machines

2 types of French fries blanching equipment for choice: basket type French fries blancher and continuous French fries blanching machine.

  • The French fries blanching machine is used for blanching French fries and potato chips into bright colors and keeping fresh flavor to increase the softness, remove the microbes, and inhibit the active enzymes.
  • The machine can especially apply to the French fries production line, but also can apply to the potato chips line and other vegetable and fruit blanching procedures in the food processing factories.

Details of French Fries Blanching Machines

1. Basket Type French Fries Blancher

Basket type french fries blancher is a batch blanching machine. The finished product is discharged manually. This french fries blanching machine is suitable for the small-scale frozen french fries production lines.

one basket blanching machine
double-basket blanching machine
three baskets blanching machine
four baskets blanching machine
Model PT-500 PT-1000 PT-1500 PT-2000
Capacity 100kg/h 200kg/h 300kg/h 400kg/h
Weight 70 kg 100 kg 160 kg 180kg
Power ( for Electric Heating) 12 kW 24 kW 36 kW 42 kW
Burner (for Gas Heating) 100,000 Kcal 100,000 Kcal 100,000 Kcal 200,000 Kcal
Dimension 700*700*950mm 1200*700*900mm 1700*700*900mm 2200*700*950mm

Properties of French Fries Blanching Machine 

  • It is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The blanching time is about 1-2min.
  • The blanching temperature is 80℃-100℃.
  • This blanching machine is used for batch working.
  • The heating method can be electric heating or gas heating as per your need.
  • Multifunctional usage. Besides French fries, you may also blanch the peanut, soybean, broad bean, and other vegetable & fruit.
  • Customized capacity models for your various choices.
blanching machine part detailes

2. Continuous Belt Type French Fries Blanching Machine

Continuous belt type french fries blanching machine can blanch french fries or potato slices continuously, which greatly improves the production efficiency of french fries factory. Usually, it will need 90 seconds from input to output. The water temperature is adjustable.

industrial blanching machine for blanching french fries continuously
Model PT-2500 PT-4000 PT-6000
Capacity 300kg/h 1000kg/h 2000kg/h
Weight 300kg 600kg 900kg
Dimension 2500*1100*1300mm 4000*1100*1400mm 6000*1100*1400mm
Heating methods Electric heating, gas heating, or steam heating as per your need
Power (for electric heating) 60kw 80kw 120kw

Features of Continuous Belt Type French Fries Blanching Machine

1. This blanching machine is to blanch the french fries to protect fries from changing color and protect the natural taste
2. Made of 304 stainless steel which makes cleaning easier.
3. Adjustable blanching time, automatically controlled water temperature and double insulation material.
4. Safe and reliable operation, high capacity and energy saving.
5. Enzyme inhibitory, color protection, timely dehydration and cooling, composing a complete and coherent process.

details of mesh belt french fries blanching machine