Introduction of French Fries Blast Freezer

The French fries blast freezer freezes the french fries at -30℃~-35℃ quickly, the freezing time is 30-50 minutes per batch, preventing bacteria and keeping the food fresher for longer until it is ready to be served to customers. and it can freeze various types of food including fruit, meat, seafood, and bakery rapidly.

The super-fast freezing process prevents ice crystals from forming and ensures that bacteria have minimal time to develop and keeps produce fresh in bulk.

french fries blast freezer

Features of French Fries Blast Freezer

  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and effective freezing
  • Energy & time saving
  • Quick installation
  • Low capital cost
  • Works great with products on trays.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Customized according to customer’s frozen product characteristics and site requirements.
details of instant freezer for blast freezing of french fries

Multi-application of French Fries Fast Freezing Machine

  • Fast freezing of French fries
  • Fast freezing of various vegetables and condiments
  • Fast freezing of processed seafood
  • Fast freezing of various processed food
  • Fast freezing of meat and processed meat
  • Fast freezing of bread, rice cake, and dumplings
  • Can be used to manufacture many kinds of food
  • As a batch freezing machine, it is ideal for applications that do not require linear or continuous procession along a development line, such as small frozen french fry processing lines, catering in hospitals, schools, etc.
multi-applictions of blast freezer for food processing

Specifications of French Fries Blast Freezer

Model TDBD-100 TDBD-200 TDBD-300 TDBD-400 TDBD-500
Capacity 160kg/batch 320 kg/batch 480 kg/batch 640 kg/batch 800 kg/batch
Feeding temperature +20℃ It is better to pre-cool if beyond this temperature, otherwise freezing speed and quality are not guaranteed.
Outlet temperature -18℃
Freezing time Different as products
Total power 3kw 5kw 8kw 10kw 12kw
Cold consumption (under TL=35℃ T0=-35℃) 7.5kw 12.5kw 20kw 25kw 30kw
Overall Dimension 2000×1900×2100mm 2500×1900×2100mm 3000×1900×2100mm 3500×1900×2100mm 5000×1900×2100mm
Quantity of trolleys 3 pcs 5 pcs 8 pcs 10 pcs 12 pcs
Quantity of trays(stainless steel mesh trays) 40 pcs 80 pcs 120 pcs 160 pcs 200 pcs