Introduction of French Fries Packing Machine 

2 types of French fries packing machines for choice: tabletop packing sealer machine and chain bucket packing machine. Both french fries packing machines can fill vacuum gas into the bags if needed. These 2 types of french fries packing machines are suitable for small-to-medium french fries plant, small banana chips line, and small potato chips line.

Details of French Fries Packing Machines 

1. Table-top Packing Sealer Machine

The French fries packing machine evacuates the air from the bag of French fries by its vacuum pump automatically, and fills in nitrogen at your option, in order to protect the French fries from being damaged by squeezing, and then seals it, forming a vacuum environment inside the bag, so that to isolate the oxygen, keep the French fries fresh, protecting it against damp, mildew, rust, corrosion, moth and pollution. The shelf life is effectively prolonged and it’s more convenient to store and transport.

table top french fries vacuum sealing machine

Advantages of Table-top Vacuum Packing Sealer for French Fries

  • Printing equipment can be fitted out according to customers’ requirements, printing shelf life, date, and factory number on the seal place.
  • It can widely use nylon bags, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE, PS materials to pack potato chips, French fries in the small french fry making factory, and so on.
  • Advanced design, compact structure, elegant appearance, trustworthy performance, easy to maintain.
  • Adopt high-quality stainless steel, convenient to clean, anticorrosion, and antirust.
  • Double working rooms, easy to operate, large capacity, high efficiency, and energy-saving.
  • Automatic control packing process, adjustable evacuation time, heating time, and heating temperature, meeting different packing requirements and packing materials.
  • Equipped with moving wheels of high bearing capability, the machine is easy to move.
  • Customers need to equip with nitrogen-filled bottles themselves.
food can be packed by vacuum packing equipment

Technical Data of French Fries Packing Machine 

Model Capacity Power Size Weight
DZ400-2S 60-160Times/h 1.5Kw 1050*650*850mm 180Kg
DZ500-2S 90-360Times/h 2.2Kw 1220*720*950mm 230Kg
DZ600-2S 90-360Times/h 3Kw 1430*720*950mm 320Kg
DZ800-2S 90-360Times/h 4Kw 1830*900*1100mm 500Kg

2. Chain Bucket Packing Machine

Chain bucket packing machine can pack frozen french fries and other granules with film rolls. At the behind of the machine, there is equipped with a chain hopper and can pack several kinds of irregular shape objects into one bag.

French fries packing machine chain bucket with vacuum

Features of Chain Bucket Packing Machine

  • It can fill nitrogen gas into the bags, with a date printer.
  • It can make bags, fill, pack, cut, and count automatically.
  • The machine body can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • It is suitable for regular or irregular products, such as french fries, banana chips, potato chips, puffed food, whole grains, dried nuts, beans, flower tea, toys, hardware, and plastic parts, etc.
multi applications of chain bucket packing machine

Technical Data of Chain Bucket French Fries Packaging Machine

Model EW-320
Voltage 220v, 50 Hz
Power 2 Kw
Bag making size (L) 50-200mm* (W) 50-150mm
Packing speed 10-50 bags/min
Max film width 320mm
Dimension 2040*750*1640mm
Weight 280kg
Materials Food contacting parts are made of stainless steel 304, frame is made of painted carbon steel.