Introduction of Potato Cutting Machines 

Incorporating a long knife lifetime, good yield, good surface smoothness, and good cut stability, our potato cutting machines can meet your different requirements for french fries or potato chips production.

integrated potato washing peeling and cutting machine
stainless steel potato washing peeling cutting all-in-one machine

Details of Potato Cutting Machines

1. French Fries Cutting Machines

A. Straight-cut French Fries Cutting Machine

Straight-cut french fries cutting machine is used to make regular french fries. It is always used in the french fries production lines.

potato cutting machine for french fries production
Model TDQS-600
Power 1.5kw
Capacity 600kg/h
Weight 110kg
Dimension 950*800*950mm

Features of Straight-cut Fries Cutting Machine

  • The strips’ size can be7*7mm, 8*8mm, 10*10mm, etc., and custom-made can be changed by adjusting the blade.
  • The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • High-speed stainless steel blades.
details of french fries cutting machine

B. Crinkle-cut French Fries Cutting Machine

Crinkle-cut french fries cutting machine is used for making wavy french fries. This cutting machine is multifunctional, which can cut potatoes into wavy slices, flat slices, straight-cut fries as well.

potato cutting machine for crinkle cut fries
Model TDCF-66 TDCF-100
Power 0.55kw 0.75kw
Capacity 600kg/h 1000kg/h
Weight 100kg 180kg
Dimension 1100*370*800mm 1300*500*950mm

Features of Crinkle Cut Fries Cutting Machine

  • The cutting width and thickness can be adjustable freely.
  • Suitable for cutting leafy vegetables like cabbage, celery, spinach, pepper. etc.  And root vegetables like potato, taro, onion, sweet potato, eggplant, etc.
  • By changing various blades and with a double head, this multifunctional cutting machine can cut different shapes, like slices, cubes, strips, wavy or diamond shapes.
details of wavy fries crinkle cutting machine

2. Potato Slicing Machines for Potato Chips

A. Small Scale Potato Slicing Machine

This potato slicing machine can slice 200 kg of potatoes per hour, which is suitable for small-scale potato chips making lines. This machine is used for cutting potato, cassava, sweet potato, all kinds of taros, carrots and others tubers vegetables into slices or strip

potato slicing machine for small scale potato chips business
Model QS-400
Power 0.75 kW
Capacity 200 kg/h
Weight 60kg
Dimension 650*510*700mm

Features of Small Scale Potato Slicing Machine

  • Made of stainless steel, durable.
  • The potato slices are of uniform shape and size, without damage.
  • The cutting thickness is adjustable from 0.5mm to 10mm.
  • Besides potatoes, this machine can cut some other root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, purple sweet potato, taro, cassava, etc.

B.Press-down Potato Slicing Machine

You need to feed potatoes into the inlet hole one by one by hand and press them down to the slicing chamber. The machine is suitable for slicing banana, ginger, sweet potato, carrot, and other fruit and root vegetable into chips, strips of different sizes and shapes.

This slicing machine is suitable for potato chips manufacturing plant and banana/plantain chips production line.

manual feeding potato slicing machine
Model QP-600
Power 1.5 kw
Capacity 500 kg/h
Weight 160 kg
Dimension 700*700*900mm

Features of Press-down Potato Slicing Machine

  • It is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm.
  • The thickness of the slices is usually 1.8mm. The thickness can be adjusted by adjusting the cutters.
  • It has three blades. Start the machine, the knife group will do high-speed rotation.
  • The cutter is made of steel of 404C from Japan.
  • The cutter frame is made of Aluminum alloy. Which has a long lifetime of 6 months.
  • Slicing inlet hole quantity and Slicing inlet size can be customized.
  • Feeder quantity, feeder size (25mm-150mm), and cutting angle can be customized.
cutting knives group and slicing result show

C.New-Designed Potato Slicing Machine

This new-designed potato slicing machine can slice potatoes and other root vegetables at a diagonal angle. It is mainly used in the fully automatic potato chips plant.

potato slicing machine for making big potato chips
Model XQJ-500
Power 1.5 kW
Voltage 380v, 50Hz, three-phase
Capacity 500kg/h
Weight 150kg
Dimension 700*800*1050mm

Features of New-designed Potato Slicing Machine

  • The slices thickness is usually 1.8mm, and can be adjusted by adjusting the cutters.
  • The machine is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm.
  • The cutter is made of 404C steel from Japan.
  • The cutter frame is made of Aluminum alloy.
  • Multi-applications, the machine can cut root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, cassava, yam, cucumber, eggplant, bitter ground, lotus root, banana, etc. into slices.
excellent slicing effect by the new-designed potato slicing machine

D.Crinkle-cut Potato Slicing Machine

This excellent crinkle potato slice cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into wavy shapes for crinkle-cut potato chips production.

wavy potato chips crinkle cutting machine
Model QS-400B QS-600B
Power 0.75kw/ 380v 1.5kw/380v
Capacity 400kg/h 1000kg/h
Weight 70kg 120kg
Dimension 745*590*885mm 820*760*1000mm

Features of Crinkle-cut Potato Slicing Machine

  • The machine is applied to cut root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, taro, eggplants, etc.
  • Multi-purposes. The machine can cut raw materials into different shapes, like slice, shred, strip by changing the cutting blade. The cutting surface is smooth and with uniform size, without damage.
  • Made of high-quality corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Adopted centrifugal working principle, the slicing machine has little vibration when working.
crinkle cut potato chips, wavy potato slices

E.High Capacity Potato Slicing Machine

The high-capacity potato slicing machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It can achieve good cut quality to ensure a high yield of potato chips production. Thus, this slicing machine is increasingly popular in fully automatic potato chips production projects.

  • The slice thickness can be adjusted from 0.5-5mm adjustable.
high capacity potato slicing machine with perfect cut quality
Model TDQP-800
Power 1.5 kW
Voltage 380V, 50hz,
3 phases or as per your local voltage.
Capacity 800 kg/h
Weight 200 kg
Dimension 1000*600*1400 mm

3. Potato Peeling Cutting Machine for Small French Fries & Potato Chips Business

This multifunctional washing peeling cutting all-in-one machine can clean potatoes firstly, then peel, and finally cut the potatoes into fries or slices. All these steps are finished automatically by one machine, easy to operate. Widely used in restaurants, hotels, kitchens, and potato processing lines for french fries or potato chips production.

high efficient potato washing peeling cutting machine
Model TDPC-200 TDPC-400
Power 1.1kw 1.5kw
Capacity 200kg/h 400kg/h
Weight 120kg 140kg
Dimension 750*500*1100mm 950*700*1150mm

Features of Potato Peeling Cutting Machine

  • Small size, multi-functional machine (peeling, washing, and cutting)
  • High-speed steel blade, cutting size is 2-10 mm.
  • Equipped with wheels, so that the machine is easy to move.
  • Durable, 304 stainless steel.
  • Big capacity up to 400kg/h.
  • Customized voltage.
  • Electric elements adopt the Schneider brand.
  • Wide application, it can process various root vegetables, such as potatoes, taro, carrot, sweet potato, etc.
features detail of multifunctional potato processing machine