Introduction of French Fries Tunnel Instant Freezer

The tunnel instant freezer could refrigerate the French fries to keep them fresh for a long time storage. The frozen French fries keep the original taste and are crispier. It can lower the temperature of the French fries to -18℃ within 20 minutes. You can freeze the French fries first and then pack them, also can pack them into bags firstly and then freeze them.

tunnel potato french fries quick freezing machine

Features of French fries Tunnel Instant Freezer

  1. The entire belt, mesh belt vibration to ensure that the frozen goods and frozen goods, frozen goods and no adhesion between mesh belt, so as to truly achieve monomer freeze.
  2. Library board adopts double stainless steel sandwich polyurethane insulation board, insulation performance is good,
  3. The frozen zone within the frame structure, support, air duct plate, mesh belt, big water pans, guide rail, and other parts adopt food-grade wire drawing of stainless steel 304 (except for motor and reducer) easy to clean, achieve the HACCP requirements.
  4. Mesh belt running speed controlled by Germany’s Siemens inverter, frozen goods frozen time can be adjusted.
  5. Driving device adopts Siemens dual high-quality reducer, good quality, and stable operation
frozen potato fries

Technical Data of French fries Tunnel Instant Freezer

Model Capacity Power Temperature Freeze Time Belt Width Size
SSD-100 100kg/h 20P Feed-in temperature: < 15℃
Discharge temperature: -18℃
7-35 minutes
1.0 m 8.0*2.2*2.4m
SSD-200 200kg/h 20P*2 1.2 m 10*2.2*2.4m
SSD-300 300kg/h 30P*2 1.5 m 11*2.2*2.4m
SSD-400 400kg/h 30P*2 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m
SSD-500 500kg/h 50P*2 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m
SSD-1000 1000kg/h 50P*3 1.5 m 11.5*3.2*2.4m
SSD-2000 2000kg/h 50P*4 1.5 m 11.5*3.2*2.4m